Kitting, Multi-item Pick & Pack..


In addition to single item pick & pack we can store, collate and pack multiple items into a single dispatch, ‘kitting’.

This could be anything from different cosmetic lines, toys and games mobile phone accessories. Or supplements frequently purchased together. Or the inclusion of free gifts or bundling of accessories with an electronic product. Right up to the build of customer orders requiring individual packaging of multiple items and the use of outer gift boxing.

As an example, for one client we make up table accessory packages for wedding, parties and other special occasions. These packages consist of up to a dozen different items of varying sizes and weights. Many of the items require specific protective wrapping before the completed order is placed in a bespoke gift box, again with protective packaging.

Accuracy in the picking process is crucial with multi-item orders. We pride ourselves on being able to handle the most complicated orders. Most of this is carried out in within a dedicated kitting area within our warehouse.